Strict Receive Payment Paths  [Go SDK]

The DigitalBits Network allows payments to be made across assets through path payments. A path payment specifies a series of assets to route a payment through, from source asset (the asset debited from the payer) to destination asset (the asset credited to the payee).

A Path Payment Strict Receive allows a user to specify the amount of the asset received. The amount sent varies based on offers in the order books. If you would like to search for a path specifying the amount to be sent, use the Find Payment Paths (Strict Send).

A strict receive path search is specified using:

  • The source account id or source assets.
  • The asset and amount that the destination account should receive.

As part of the search, frontier will load a list of assets available to the source account id and will find any payment paths from those source assets to the desired destination asset. The search’s amount parameter will be used to determine if a given path can satisfy a payment of the desired amount.


GET /paths/strict-receive?source_account={sa}&destination_asset_type={at}&destination_asset_code={ac}&destination_asset_issuer={di}&destination_amount={amount}&destination_account={da}


name notes description example
?source_account string The sender’s account id. Any returned path must use an asset that the sender has a trustline to. GARSFJNXJIHO6ULUBK3DBYKVSIZE7SC72S5DYBCHU7DKL22UXKVD7MXP
?source_assets string A comma separated list of assets. Any returned path must use an asset included in this list USD:GAEDTJ4PPEFVW5XV2S7LUXBEHNQMX5Q2GM562RJGOQG7GVCE5H3HIB4V,native
?destination_account string The destination account that any returned path should use GAEDTJ4PPEFVW5XV2S7LUXBEHNQMX5Q2GM562RJGOQG7GVCE5H3HIB4V
?destination_asset_type string The type of the destination asset credit_alphanum4
?destination_asset_code required if destination_asset_type is not native, string The destination asset code, if destination_asset_type is not “native” USD
?destination_asset_issuer required if destination_asset_type is not native, string The issuer for the destination asset, if destination_asset_type is not “native” GAEDTJ4PPEFVW5XV2S7LUXBEHNQMX5Q2GM562RJGOQG7GVCE5H3HIB4V
?destination_amount string The amount, denominated in the destination asset, that any returned path should be able to satisfy 10.1

The endpoint will not allow requests which provide both a source_account and a source_assets parameter. All requests must provide one or the other. The assets in source_assets are expected to be encoded using the following format:

XDB should be represented as "native". Issued assets should be represented as "Code:IssuerAccountID". "Code" must consist of alphanumeric ASCII characters.

curl Example Request

curl ""

JavaScript Example Request

var DigitalBitsSdk = require('digitalbits-sdk');
var server = new DigitalBitsSdk.Server('');

var destinationAsset = DigitalBitsSdk.Asset.native();
var destinationAmount = "20";

server.paths(sourceAccount, destinationAsset, destinationAmount)
  .then(function (pathResult) {
  .catch(function (err) {


This endpoint responds with a page of path resources. See path resource for reference.

Example Response

  "_embedded": {
    "records": [
        "source_asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
        "source_asset_code": "FOO",
        "source_amount": "100.0000000",
        "destination_asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
        "destination_asset_code": "FOO",
        "destination_amount": "100.0000000",
        "path": []

Possible Errors

  • The standard errors.
  • not_found: A not_found error will be returned if no paths could be found to fulfill this payment request

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