Errors  [Go SDK]

In the event that an error occurs while processing a request to frontier, an error response will be returned to the client. This error response will contain information detailing why the request couldn’t complete successfully.

Like HAL for successful responses, frontier uses a standard to specify how we communicate errors to the client. Specifically, frontier uses the Problem Details for HTTP APIs draft specification. The specification is short, so we recommend you read it. In summary, when an error occurs on the server we respond with a json document with the following attributes:

name type description
type url The identifier for the error, expressed as a url. Visiting the url in a web browser will redirect you to the additional documentation for the problem.
title string A short title describing the error.
status number An HTTP status code that maps to the error. An error that is triggered due to client input will be in the 400-499 range of status code, for example.
detail string A longer description of the error meant the further explain the error to developers.
instance string A token that uniquely identifies this request. Allows server administrators to correlate a client report with server log files

Standard Errors

There are a set of errors that can occur in any request to frontier which we call standard errors. These errors are:

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