Before History  [Go SDK]

A frontier server may be configured to only keep a portion of the digitalbits network’s history stored within its database. This error will be returned when a client requests a piece of information (such as a page of transactions or a single operation) that the server can positively identify as falling outside the range of recorded history.

This error returns a HTTP 410 Error.


As with all errors Frontier returns, before_history follows the Problem Details for HTTP APIs draft specification guide and thus has the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
type URL The identifier for the error. This is a URL that can be visited in the browser.
title String A short title describing the error.
status Number An HTTP status code that maps to the error.
detail String A more detailed description of the error.


$ curl -X GET ""
  "type": "",
  "title": "Data Requested Is Before Recorded History",
  "status": 410,
  "detail": "This frontier instance is configured to only track a portion of the digitalbits network's latest history. This request is asking for results prior to the recorded history known to this frontier instance."

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