Asset  [Go SDK]

Assets are the units that are traded on the DigitalBits Network.

An asset consists of an type, code, and issuer.

To learn more about the concept of assets in the DigitalBits network, take a look at the DigitalBits assets concept guide.


Attribute Type
asset_type string The type of this asset: “credit_alphanum4”, or “credit_alphanum12”.
asset_code string The code of this asset.
asset_issuer string The issuer of this asset.
amount number The number of units of credit issued.
num_accounts number The number of accounts that: 1) trust this asset and 2) where if the asset has the auth_required flag then the account is authorized to hold the asset.
flags object The flags denote the enabling/disabling of certain asset issuer privileges.
paging_token string A paging token suitable for use as the cursor parameter to transaction collection resources.

Flag Object

Attribute Type
auth_immutable bool With this setting, none of the following authorization flags can be changed.
auth_required bool With this setting, an anchor must approve anyone who wants to hold its asset.
auth_revocable bool With this setting, an anchor can set the authorize flag of an existing trustline to freeze the assets held by an asset holder.
rel Example Description
toml Link to the TOML file for this issuer


    "_links": {
      "toml": {
        "href": ""
    "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
    "asset_code": "EUR",
    "amount": "15.0000000",
    "num_accounts": 2,
    "flags": {
      "auth_required": false,
      "auth_revocable": false,
      "auth_immutable": false


Resource Type Resource URI Template
All Assets Collection /assets (GET)

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