Offer  [Go SDK]

Accounts on the DigitalBits network can make offers to buy or sell assets. Users can create offers with the Manage Offer operation.

Frontier only returns offers that belong to a particular account. When it does, it uses the following format:


Attribute Type
id string The ID of this offer.
paging_token string A paging token suitable for use as a cursor parameter.
seller string Account id of the account making this offer.
selling Asset The Asset this offer wants to sell.
buying Asset The Asset this offer wants to buy.
amount string The amount of selling the account making this offer is willing to sell.
price_r object An object of a number numerator and number denominator that represent the buy and sell price of the currencies on offer.
price string How many units of buying it takes to get 1 unit of selling. A number representing the decimal form of price_r.
last_modified_ledger integer sequence number for the latest ledger in which this offer was modified.
last_modified_time string An ISO 8601 formatted string of last modification time.

Price_r Object

Price_r is a more precise representation of a bid/ask offer.

Attribute Type
n number The numerator.
d number The denominator.

Thus to get price you would take n / d.

rel Example Description templated
seller /accounts/{seller}?cursor,limit,order} Link to details about the account that made this offer. true


  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "offer_maker": {
      "href": ""
  "id": "2611",
  "paging_token": "2611",
  "selling": {
    "asset_type": "credit_alphanum12",
    "asset_code": "USD",
  "buying": {
    "asset_type": "native"
  "amount": "1.0000000",
  "price_r": {
    "n": 1463518003,
    "d": 25041627
  "price": "58.4434072",
  "last_modified_ledger": 196458,
  "last_modified_time": "2020-02-10T18:51:42Z"


Resource Type Resource URI Template
Offers Collection /offers
Account Offers Collection /accounts/:account_id/offers
Offers Details Single /offers/:offer_id

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